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Marleen Sleeuwits (1980, NL) explores the idea of space. In the first years after graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague) she used to portray spaces that lack any reference to time, place and scale. By choosing the angle and framing, and digitally enhancing the images she created works that suggested spaces between reality and illusion.
Several years ago she changed her approach from finding to actively constructing spaces. She started working in vacant office buildings, deforming and (re)-constructing offices in a way that is most reminiscent of installations and sculptures, but in her case with a temporary nature. Across the years it has become a personal and layered research, which is not about the actual existing spaces, but is about mental spaces.
Sleeuwits’ first official artist book is due to come out in the first half of 2016. The book has become a new project that has been constructed as every other work.

In 2012 Sleeuwits was selected as Foam Talent and in 2013 she was on the long list of Prix de Rome and awarded a special mention at Photo Levallois. In 2014 she was a finalist at the Hyères Festival International de Mode et de Photographie.
During the past few years, her work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Jeonju, Los Angeles, Denver, Belo Horizonte and Berlin.

Marleen Sleeuwits (1980)
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